Custom Terms and Conditions

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING TERMS OF PURCHASING AND DISCLAIMERS CAREFULLY BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER. This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California without giving effect to any principles or conflicts of law. If any provision of this agreement shall be unlawful, void or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed severable from this agreement and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.

We are an independant custom outdoor cushion manufacturing company and are not affiliated with any other furniture/cushion manufacturers. We make custom cushions for all brands of funiture from your measurements. We may have certain manufacturer’s measurements from a previous client which can be used for new clients as well.

All orders that are made with STRIPED Series Fabrics, there may be a shift in manufacturing which as times may make the seat and back cushions (if applicable) not line up with one another perfectly. This is very common and an industry standard. CUSHION MAY NOT BE RETURNED FOR THIS REASON.

Custom Return Policy

Your product is 100 percent custom-made to order only for you. All measurements and other options you enter on our online order form is 100% your responsibility. Never assume we know the measurements of your furniture. Therefore, Prestigecushions does not accept returns. We will work with you to achieve the desired result in your product. Prestigecushions does not inventory or warehouse cushions or pillows, and we only market our products online. We have no way of reselling any cushions made to your custom specifications. If you need to cancel your order, we must be notified within 48 hours of receipt of your order. Once fabric has been ordered, customers will be responsible for all fabric charges.

Product Warranty
We offers a 6 month limited warranty on all of our cushions and pillows. The 6 month limited warranty begins on the date that you receive your products. Prestigecushions warrants that the cushions and other products sold shall be free of any defects in materials and workmanship if used under normal and proper usage and conditions. The word “defects" as used in this warranty is defined as imperfections which impair the utility of the product. The judgment of Prestigecushions will be final as to all matters concerning the condition, cause and nature of product defects.

Customer Responsibilities

  • Prestigecushions is not responsible for cushions the customer does not like because the fabric color or texture does not match the color on their computer monitor or other fabrics at their location. We encourage you to order fabric samples before ordering cushions if this is a critical factor in your choice. Fabric samples are reasonably priced and nonrefundable.
  • Prestigecushions is not responsible for cushions that are made correctly with incorrect information provided by the customer. Customers must be 100% certain that the dimensions provided are accurate.
  • Prestigecushions will not be responsible for any damages caused by improper care and maintenance by the customer.
  • Prestigecushions is not responsible for cushions the customer does not like due to the standard placement of fabric ties, seams, zippers, Prestigecushions and/or law tags.
  • Prestigecushions is not responsible for cushions the customer thinks are the wrong size because they are measuring differently than our website instructs – customer must measure as directed by Prestigecushions.
  • Prestigecushions is not responsible for cushions the customer thinks are too thin or too thick even though they are made correctly based on the dimensions provided by the customer.
  • Customers are responsible for any costs and delays associated with correcting mistakes made by the customer including all shipping charges (both ways).
  • Prestigecushions is not responsible for cushions the customer thinks are not comfortable enough or does not like for some other subjective reason.
  • Prestigecushions is not responsible for templates sent to us for use as custom cushion patterns. These templates become property of Prestigecushions and will not be returned to the customer.
  • It is up to the customer receiving the package to check for shipping damage prior to opening. Photograph the damaged area and notify Prestigecushions within 2 business days. We require photographs (prior to opening) and all packaging materials in order to process the claim on your behalf.
  • Prestigecushions is more than willing to address any of these issues in a courteous, professional and timely manner to help the customer achieve the desired results. If the error is due to a customer mistake in ordering, the customer acknowledges responsibility and assumes the cost of correcting any mistakes.
  • All cushions are allowed 1/2″ tolerance of the dimensions (width, depth, thickness) provided by the customer. This means each dimension may be either plus or minus 1/2″ of the final dimension. 
  • If customer is disputing any fabric quality issues, Prestigecushions must be notified within two(2) days after receipt of cushions. The 2 days start after FedEx drop off/delivery date. cushions in question must be returned for a laboratory fabric analysis per fabric manufacturer request and policies. If we find that the fabric is defective we will re-make all cushions that were defective. NO EXCEPTIONS. CUSHIONS MUST BE RETURNED.   
  • Prestigecushions is not responsible nor will it warranty any cushions that the customer has supplied the fabrics for.  We do not know of the construction of the fabric, even if it is Sunbrella. Some Sunbrella fabrics may come from overseas which has different construction and will not comply with actual OEM guidlines.  No Exceptions.
  • Prestigecushions is NOT responsible for COVERS ONLY orders fitting the customer’s foam or fiber fills. We can only make them to the specifications supplied, making them fit correctly is 100% the customer’s responsibility. 

    Credit Card Charges, Debit Cards & Chargebacks

    All products and services on Prestigecushions require 100 percent payment before we can do any work. This is due to the custom nature of our work. Prestigecushions does not retain any credit card information from the checkout process (except billing address information). This is for your security and ours. As a result, if we require additional payments, we may require you to give your credit card information over the phone.

    Our card processor attempts to run a temporary transaction on all credit transactions. If this fails, the transaction is not processed. In some rare cases, users with debit card transactions that are declined may see money deducted from their account by their financial institution to cover the temporary authorization. As the transaction was never completed, we cannot issue any refunds. Prestigecushions cannot be held liable for any bank charges caused by this. Debit card users assume the full risk. If you wish to know if this will apply to you, please see your financial institutions terms and conditions governing credit transactions on your debit card.

    Prestigecushions takes unwarranted credit card chargebacks very seriously. A criminal or fraudulent chargeback is when the credit card holder orders and receives products or services, then intentionally reverses the charge through their card-issuing bank, stating that they did not place or receive the product or service. Issuing a chargeback on an order when the order was shipped and received is considered theft. All credit card charges will appear as Prestigecushions on your credit card statement.

    Credit card fraud is a felony. We may report any wrongful or fraudulent chargebacks to your local police, your local bank, our merchant service (credit card processing company) and the Federal Bureau of Investigations Department of Justice at We will aggressively prosecute anyone attempting to misuse a credit card number. We track every transaction and will use all means available to prosecute persons attempting fraud.


    All prices are in U.S. dollars. All credit card charges must be paid in U.S. dollars. The term “credit card holder” as used in these terms and conditions is defined as the person or entity in whose name the credit card was issued by the bank or financial institution that appears on the credit card.